Underlying Causes Affecting Our Blood Terrain

There are five underlying causes we consider when we evaluate the blood 
terrain. These five causes are Chemicals, E-smog, Lifestyle and Diet, Emotional Stressors and Infections. I will write about the first two on this blog: Chemicals and E-smog.



Chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drugs and petrochemicals are found everywhere in our world today. We have additives added to our foods. Chemical compounds added to cosmetics, creams, deodorants and lotions. Amalgam fillings and root canals in teeth can add to the toxic chemical load in the body. Microorganism by-products like indole, putrescine, scatole, cadaverine are added to the list as well.

It’s estimated by some scientists that we absorb over 200 chemicals daily. This should at least give us reason to question the companies that produce our foods. Take care in what you breathe in, ingest and apply to the body on a daily basis and change the factors that you do have control over.


EMF & E-smog


E-smog refers to nuclear, x-ray and UV radiation that we’re exposed to daily. Most of us have heard or studied about the potential harmful effects of x-rays, microwaves and UV radiation. But, do you know that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that are emitted from our cell phones, cell towers, electronic devices and WiFi are dangerous to our overall health? It’s true! In the process of making our world more accessible and easy, we’ve also managed to create a more dangerous environment than we’ve ever had before.

It’s estimated that incidence of brain cancer and brain tumours have increased exponentially. Why is that? In Live Cell Microscopy we see many cells that look like a coke bottle caps when the client is an avid cell phone user. That’s the picture of high oxidative stress in the blood picture.

Try to make a point of holding the phone away from the ear when taking a call. Turn off your WiFi, even better, turn off your phone when you go to bed at night. Unplug your router. There is more information on this. If you want to read more published studies, please let me know.  Share the post or leave me a comment.