Lifestyle & Diet  


The third root cause affecting the terrain of the blood is Lifestyle & Diet. The standard diet in the world we live in today is void of nutrients, minerals, fiber and enzymes. Poor digestion from an unhealthy gastrointestinal system that has insufficient pancreatic enzymes and HCL also results in depleting the body of essential nutrients and vitamins. This results in whole body deficiencies, lowered immunity, hormonal imbalances and chronic illness. Food truly is medicine! A proper nutritious diet has the ability to prevent and cure illness. As a favoured quote by Hippocrates states:

“Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food”                        

Emotional Stressors


We don’t always associate our psychological emotions and stressors as being intimately connected with our health. The field of psychoneuroimmunology relates the impact of psychological stress to depression, our gut and our immunity. The ability of the body to fight infection and disease is compromised in a high emotional stress situation. It’s important that we uncover the underlying emotions that are driving the disease process and find support, healing and, sometimes, responsibility for our reaction to our life’s curve balls.

“Biological processes occur at the same rate as emotional growth in responsibility”

For the most part, we can’t control or change the curve balls and rollercoaster ride of our lives. But, we can learn how to deal with these stressors. Reaching out to ask for help is often the first step to healing and recovery.



The fifth root cause affecting our cell’s environment is the focus of infections. In functional medicine we often call these  ‘stealth’ infections. That’s because these infections are usually hiding. The gut is the primary focus of these infections in biological medicine. Stealth infections regularly affect many other body systems, not just the gut. Our mouth (oral cavity) and cardiovascular system can be infected too.

There is only one physiological disease – the overgrowth of microorganisms, and the terrain that allows it.

All theses causes create acidosis, or, acidity in the body tissues. In Live Cell Microscopy, this acidosis is seen as the primary explanation of the development of illness and chronic disease.