“Plants are as Powerful as they are Gentle”

Herbal Medicine is the practice of using plants, flowers and roots for therapeutic and medicinal purposes in the body. A person who practices herbalism is known as a herbalist, a phytotherapist or a herbal practitioner.


Plants are as powerful as they are gentle. They contain phytochemicals, often called constituents, that can greatly assist our bodies to heal or maintain optimal health. These constituents, like nutrients, vitamins and volatile oils all work together to restore balance, provide nutrition and promote conditions for healing. Using the whole plants in medicinal remedies benefits the user because all the components of the herb work together to target multiple symptoms at the same time.These constituents are designed in perfect ratios and work in synergy with one another.

The practice of natural medicine seeks to find the underlying core issue of any symptom the body is presenting. The herbal practitioner will ask  “Why is this symptom here?” or “What is the body trying to tell you?” The body is always talking to us through an intricate communication system. Naturopathic medicine always attempts to re-balance the body in a way so that its natural healing processes can take place.

Herbals are Safe

Herbals, when used correctly, have very few side effects. This is one of the reasons that individuals often choose herbal medicine over conventional therapies, including pharmaceutical drugs. A number of conventional drugs are originally created from one particular constituent found in a herb. This often results in unwanted side-effects too, probably because the complementing factors that naturally occur in the plant have been removed. In many cases, though, the isolated herbal component is eventually manufactured synthetically in a lab.

Drugs are generally  designed to target one, or a few, specific symptom(s). The drug will potentially reduce, moderate or eliminate that/those particular symptom(s), but, with a range of side effects.

Plants Are Precious Gifts

So, “why herbal medicine?” Herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and, in that time, has proven itself to be safe and effective in healing and maintaining health. In modern society today there is a shift happening in which people are returning to more natural treatment for their symptoms and even for chronic illnesses. As a precious gift, we have been given medicine in the form of a plant. I am grateful for that blessing.