For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for the promotion and education of optimal health. As I studied the body and all its systems it became clear to me that the body is one unit and functions as a whole. This holistic, or whole body, view of the body takes into consideration the body, the mind, the spirit and emotion in optimal wellness. The body has an innate ability to heal itself under the conditions of balance in its systems.

This passion has taken me into the study of herbalism and how medicinal herbs have the ability to give support and nutrition to a specific organ or body system, which, in turn, brings balance to the body as a whole. Functional Medicine was a natural progression from herbalism as it is the study of root cause. Finding the root cause of any imbalance in the body restores healing to the condition manifested in the presenting symptoms. Both of these modalities effectively consider and alter the internal environment of the body for restoration.

Osteopathy is a complementary holistic therapy that has its roots in similar principles and philosophies by bringing healing and restoration using external mobilization of joints, fascia and muscle. Osteopathy is especially beneficial for chronic pain relief. There are numerous scientific studies and countless testimonials that prove its effectiveness in reducing chronic pain in the back, neck, nerves, joints and muscles.

Some of the Benefits of Manual Osteopathy Are:

  1. Promotes Deep Breathing increasing oxygen in the body
  2. Improves posture and circulation
  3. Enhances skin tone
  4. Increases joint flexibility
  5. Improves athletic performance
  6. Decreases muscle tension and spasm
  7. Decreases chronic musculoskeletal pain
  8. Reduces anxiety
  9. Promotes mental awareness
  10. Prevents injury