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Discover and address the root causes of your health challenges using integrative functional medicine and/or manual osteopathic therapy

Manual Osteopathy

Manual Osteopathy is a collection of hands-on therapies used for the treatment of chronic muscle and joint pain. Clinicians use a number of different techniques. Some of the most commonly used techniques are mobilizations, visceral and soft tissue therapies.

As a certified laser therapist, Janet may use photobiomodulation (cold laser) therapy for your musculoskeletal pain.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the practice of finding the root causes of conditions like metabolic syndrome, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, infertility and cancer. It is a whole body approach to care which will involve recommendations concerning specific diets and nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and nutritional supplements.

The clinician will use a comprehensive history and assessment of all symptoms reported. She may recommend basic and comprehensive blood testing to assess and address the underlying cause.

Frequently asked questions

What is herbal medicine?2019-12-16T16:43:10+00:00

Herbal medicine is the practice of using plants, flowers and roots for therapeutic and medicinal purposes in the body.

What is Functional Medicine?2019-12-16T16:42:47+00:00

Often referred to as root cause medicine, the practitioner seeks to identify the underlying root cause of a person’s health challenges using history, symptoms and lab testing.

What is the history of Manual Osteopathy?2019-12-16T16:41:45+00:00

Manual Osteopathy was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Dr. Still believed that the structure of the body is directly related to its proper function or dysfunction. Dr. Still founded the first Osteopathic College in 1892. After his death, osteopathy split into two distinctive branches. One of them merged with mainstream medicine that prescribes medications and performs surgery. The other branch, manual osteopathy, maintains the holistic model of healing.

What is Manual Osteopathy?2019-12-16T16:40:51+00:00

Manual Osteopathy, sometimes called OMT, is a hands-on therapy that uses a wide range of techniques to treat musculoskeletal and neurological complaints. These techniques are usually gentle and beneficial for chronic pain conditions.

Are treatments covered under insurance?2019-12-12T18:46:28+00:00

Patients should be able to get reimbursed for Manual Osteopathic treatment by:

Green Shield Canada
Johnston Group
Coughlin and Associates Wawanesa
Sirius Benefits Dejardin

While we cannot guarantee reimbursement with The Herbal Method, we do include the association numbers and membership/licences on all invoices and receipts so that you can investigate coverage options through your benefits provider.

Are herbs safe?2019-12-16T16:44:00+00:00

Yes, herbs have been used for thousands of years and have proven themselves to be safe and effective. It is important to use herbals correctly with the recommendations of a person who has training in medicinal herbalism.

Why choose herbs for healing?2019-12-16T16:43:35+00:00

Herbs contain phytochemicals that can assist the body to heal or maintain optimal health. These constituents work together to restore balance, provide nutrition and promote optimal conditions for healing.

What are some of the benefits of Manual Osteopathy?2019-12-16T16:42:22+00:00

Manual Osteopathy increases joint mobility, decreases pressure on spinal nerve roots, reduced pain sensitivity, increases endorphins (natural pain killer), activates paraspinal reflexes (helps the body recover from tightened muscles) and inhibits somato-somatic refelxes (high activation causes excessive pain). OMT also decreases heart rate and blood pressure and decreases anxiety and depression.

What techniques may be used during my appointment?2019-12-16T16:45:06+00:00

Some of the most common techniques are mobilizations, which is the movement of thee joints and muscles in their ranges of motion to increase flexibility and improve blood flow. Muscle energy techniques are used to reduce muscle spasm and improve flexibility. Soft tissue techniques focus on the fascia and visceral components of the body.

Where exactly is your office? How do I get there?2019-12-12T18:45:04+00:00

We are located approximately 40 minutes Southeast of Winnipeg, on the Oak Bluff Colony.

If traveling from Winnipeg – head south on Highway 75 until you hit Morris.
Turn East on Hwy 23 from Morris
Turn Right (South) on Rd 10 E (Oak Bluff Colony sign)
Turn down the last driveway and we are located in the first house (building) on that road.

Do I have to come to your office for treatment?2019-12-10T20:36:31+00:00

Yes at the moment we do not offer online or phone consultations, and an office visit is required. We find this is the best way to accurately assess the patients needs.


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